San Antonio Catholic Church
24445 Rampart Blvd
Port Charlotte FL 33980



The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) is a process for welcoming and initiating adults into the Catholic Church.

The program is open to all persons, regardless of religious background, who seek to live their lives in the Catholic faith. RCIA welcomes people who have never been baptized as well as adults who were baptized in another Christian tradition and wish to become Roman Catholics.

The first step in the process of becoming a Catholic (RCIA) is called the Inquiry step. A young husband and father recently expressed an interest in becoming a Catholic. As a community of faith we welcome his interest and want to support his inquiry. We would like to create a small welcoming community around him who would journey with him through the inquiry stage. Perhaps you have friends or neighbors who have also expressed an interest in the Catholic Church but arenít ready to make a serious commitment.

Please encourage them to join us and come with them. Even if you have no interested person, but are interested yourself, please join us on Nov. 4th.

All those interested in participating are asked to Contact Fr. Ed Blackwell 941-624-3799. 



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