San Antonio Catholic Church
24445 Rampart Blvd
Port Charlotte FL 33980





"Welcoming our new families with warmth and
sincerity in our hearts and souls is our goal."


Our mission is to serve, encourage and enrich the lives of each person entering the doors of San Antonio Catholic Church by welcoming and supporting them in a positive, friendly, warm, loving, nurturing and  spiritual manner.

  1. We serve as ambassadors of kindness by greeting and providing a genuine, warm and welcoming atmosphere, especially for all of our first time visitors and members alike.

  2. We are an extension of the Priest.  A priest cannot personally greet each member of the congregation, but we act in his place welcoming all those who come to share in our Mass.

  3. We are a minister of hospitality which goes above and beyond greeting and welcoming newcomers and parishioners.

  4. We represent San Antonio Catholic Church, as we are the first person that you see when you come in through the doors of the church.

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