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The new code of Canon Law requires a pastor to have a finance committee. This committee has a consultative vote and assists the pastor in the administration of parish goods (Canons 532 and 537).

The finance committee is responsible for the effective stewardship of a parish. The fiscal component should reflect Gospel values and overall parish and diocesan goals. Financial concerns should be addressed within the context of the mission of the parish.


  • Advise pastor in all financial matters.

  • Prepare any financial information needed in accordance with total parish planning.

  • See that expenditures reflect the mission statement, goals and objectives of the parish.

  • Prepare the annual budget in consultation with the Pastor and other committees.

  • Review income and expenditures to determine that the parish is operating within the approved budget.

  • Provide the parishioners with periodic and (at least) annual report of the financial state of the parish.

  • Study parish income and make recommendations to the Parish Pastoral Council for maintaining and increasing income to meet parish priorities and objectives.

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